Is Ashwagandha A Powerful Weapon Against Anxiety?

Mounting Evidence Suggest Ashwagandha May Be a Strong Weapon Against Anxiety ( — September 7, 2020) Winnetka, IL — Anxiety, when occasionally experienced, is a normal part of life. However, when it becomes a disorder it can be a total different thing.

According to experts, anxiety disorders is characterized by an intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about daily situations. Sufferers repeatedly experience episodes of sudden feelings of intense anxiety, terror, or fear that reach peak within minutes.

This is called panic attacks that can interfere with daily activities. It is worth mentioning that these feelings are difficult to control, and may place one in a dangerous situation.

There are other symptoms of this disorder, such as sweating, trembling, weakness, increased heart rate, and trouble sleeping.

While decades of research have looked into the various aspects of anxiety disorders, it is important to realize that certain factors like life experiences may play a role. There are also other potential contributing factors like medical causes. Read more…