Ashwagandha Improves Quality of Sleep According to Studies

nutraingredients-usa.comWhile previous studies have reported benefits from ashwagandha for sleep, a new study with 150 healthy subjects taking either the Shoden-brand of ashwagandha or placebo is reportedly the first to look at ashwagandha on non-restorative? sleep.

Data published in Sleep Medicine? indicated that six weeks of supplementation with a standardized ashwagandha extract (Shoden) may significantly improve the overall quality of sleep, and boost quality of life.

“The ashwagandha extract used in this study can be considered as a useful supplement to promote healthy sleep patterns, and restful sleep,” ?wrote researchers from the International Institute of Sleep Sciences (IISS) in Maharashtra, India and the Amala Institute of Medical Sciences in Kerala, India.

Shoden ashwagandha is produced by Arjuna Natural Private Ltd., and the company partially sponsored the new study. NutriScience Innovations is the exclusive distributor of Shoden in the US, Canada and Mexico.

“The Shoden sleep study has gained a lot of interest because of its focus on non-restorative sleep, which has become a key area of interest for emotional well-being,” ?Michael Lelah, PhD, NutriScience’s Chief Science Officer, told NutraIngredients-USA.

“And with our stress and anxiety study makes Shoden a top-level ingredient for emotional well-being. ?

“We are positioning Shoden as the ‘world’s most bioactive ashwagandha’ and this is not just marketing hype, but it’s because Shoden has more bioactives (35% withanolide glycosides) than the other leading brands,” ?he added.  Via